Our C.V’s

Sweet+Shore first exhibited at May Space Gallery in Sydney in the Art+Science exhibition in 2013. Since then we have focused on developing our work together, and in our first full year exhibiting were finalists in the 2017 Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize in Sydney, the Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award 2017 in Brisbane, and the Lloyd Rees Art Prize 2017 at Colville Gallery in Hobart. We are represented by Colville Gallery.

2018    Melbourne Art Fair with Colville Gallery, Hobart

2017    ‘Featured Artists‘ Mac1 Gallery, Hobart

2017    ‘Showcase Sweet+Shore’ Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

2017    ‘Summer Sojourn’ Art Atrium, Sydney

2017    Lloyd Rees Art Prize 2017 exhibition finalists, Colville Gallery, Hobart

2017    Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award 2017 exhibition finalists, Brisbane

2017    Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2017 exhibition finalists, Sydney

2013    Art+Science May Space Gallery, Sydney








Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize finalists catalogue 2017

Lloyd Rees Art prize finalists catalogue 2017

You can view our individual C.V’s here: